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香港中文大学MARKETING ANALYSIS本科英语Assignment辅导范例

香港中文大学MARKETING ANALYSIS本科英语Assignment辅导范例
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In the recent years, pizza and pasta, has developed into a highly competitive market in the UK. Any new entrant must aim at capturing consumers’ enthusiasm for instance through a continuous menu innovation and focusing on elevating the experiential facet of dining out (Mintel 2013) if any significant profitability and progress is to be achieved.


Key Feature in UK Pizza and Pasta Restaurants

Pizza and pasta market in the UK constitutes of significant chained restaurants, more-value-priced casual dining, 100% home delivery outlets as well as numerous low-priced independent restaurants and fast food operators (Euromonitor International 2013). In the recent past, consumer’s preference has been for takeaway pizza and pasta and for100% home delivery. A preference for fresh, Italian pizza and healthier pizza is also on the rise (Baroke 2014). A very strategictarget market” and “positioning statement” will be vital to the success of a new entrant.  

Target Market and Positioning Statement

Oxford is arguably one of the most prominent retail locations in the UK (The Retail Group 2013, p.2). Because of a large number of university students the population of Oxford is relatively young (Oxford City Council 2013). A target market of the youths and young adults aged 18 to 24 years will therefore be appropriate. Spending behavior indicates that most persons at this age not only spends high percentage of money on nonessentials commodities but also prefer fast foods for their meals since they have little cooking knowledge (Eversham 2012). Having identified a viable target market, a hooking positioning statement is vital if the proposed restaurant is going to attain an edge over competitors. A viable positioning statement for the proposed restaurant could be: “Healthiest Pizza at your convenience; the ultimate treat for every youth and young adult. Our pizza and pasta combines quality and health aspects to meet your needs.” Convenience is turning to be the most important aspect in attracting customers in the Pizza and Pasta market. Introducing the health aspect in the positioning statement will make the proposed restaurant stand out. Once a well defined positioning statement has been developed, proper marketing is needed to establish a prominent position in customers mind.



Marketing Mix

The marketing mix popularly known as Marketing’s  Four P’s, proposes four critical features that any marketing strategy must consider; product, pricing, place, and promotion (Ehmke, Fulton, and Lusk n.d.).


Since pizza and pasta is a highly competitive market with a wide range of pizza entailing different ingredients, any new market must capitalize on the slightest existing gap. According to Mintel (2013), since 2002, most consumer in the UK prefer fresh and simple “traditional Italian” sort of pizza. This is evidenced by Pizza Express which saw their prevalence within the youth boosted to make it number one eat-out zone among youths aged 18 to 24 years when they introduced the fresh campaign (Eversham, 2012). Similarly, the proposed restaurant should make pizza mostly of the Italian blend but in addition to making them “fresh”, it is good to also capitalize on improving the nutrition value. Nowadays, in the UK people are becoming more educated and conscious of the quality of products and services (Baroke 2014).


Price can be a tricky consideration to make. Most businesses may want to price their product at the lowest price but this is not always recommendable. Whereas, it is good to consider the pricing set by ones competitors, the issue of quality should not be overlooked over prices. Between the two main players in the industry, Domino’s and Pizza Hut, price has often been an avenue for competition with the former posing real threats to the latter (Marketing 2008). Producing healthier pizza would lead to a slightly higher price demands if profits are going to be realized. This should not be a worry as long as the new restaurant offers pizzas with unique benefits. The price must however remain within the existing brackets set by the existing players in the market. Starting at a significantly lower price may be a good idea to win customers early in your venture.


It is essential that convenient locations and distribution channels are adopted to reach the target population. To be successful, one need to realize that the easier it is for consumers to locate the business, the more sales will be made. Despite the fact that 100% delivery will be the main distribution channel, strategic physical location are necessary. Though hard to get, establishing “corner shops” is highly recommendable. Following the example of Pizza Hut and Domino’s locations at busy sites such as airports and shopping malls is equally recommendable. Running a 100% home delivery will also require that the target population can reach the restaurant with ease. One of the most appropriate channels to engage the youth is the social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Online ordering services should conversely be offered; Pizza Hut is an example of restaurant that is reaping significant benefits through the services (Luan, 2009). Order services should also be accessible through phone calls and messages. Most important aspect in the distribution should also be that enough delivery personnel, who must be polite, are available for fast responses to customer’s orders.


Aggressive promotion campaigns will suffice to create popularity for the new restaurant. Popular promotion channels that the restaurant could utilize are prime hours TV advertisement, billboards, pamphlets, and social media. In the advertisement, lifestyle elements such as sports, gaming, music, and their personalities could be used since they are popular with a targeted consumer groups, and are proven to be an effective method in fostering brand loyalty amongst the customers (Mintel 2013). Branding is another component that must not be overlooked; Pizza Hut and Domino’s for instance are popular pizza brands in the UK. The new restaurant should pick a brand that indicates that they serve high quality and nutritious pizza.


Though the pizza and pasta market in the UK is highly competitive the new entrant has a high chance of success if it brings diversified and unique products.










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