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Witchcraft is not Evil, but Good

       If someone asked you whether a knife is a good or a bad thing, what would be your answer? We can all agree that the greater majority would concur that it all depends with the perspective we are looking at the object from. If used wrongly, it is definitely bad; but on the other hand, it is an important tool that we cannot imagine lacking in our cutlery for its enormous uses. So is, nuclear power, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Paganism, and any other religion, and Witchcraft falls under the religion category. In the past Christianity has been used by colonialists to win over colonies, Islam has been associated with terrorism, and the list continues. This does not mean that all these religions are bad; it is only that some people do bad things in the name of their religions. Ultimately, it is the individuals who matter and the perspective from which we approach subjects that we determine whether they are bad or good. Nevertheless, there is good and bad in every person or any government, and it is the individuals’ responsibility to decide whether they will use their power, their religion to pursue good or bad.

Contrary to the famous beliefs, stereotypes and unfounded judgments, witchcraft is not evil. Angeles defines witchcraft as “practice of magic and entails the use of supernatural forces” (5). According to the author, the word “witchcraft” was derived from the word “Wicca” which basically means “the Wise one” (Angeles 5). In addition, the author notes that unlike what the majority choose to believe, witchcraft is a very balanced and harmonious way of life, which aims at promoting “oneness with the divine and all which exists” (Anegeles7). Nonetheless, many negative things about witchcraft have been said and propagated in the media. Most of the media productions will depict witchcraft as a cult or as a practice that aims at stealing the property of others by using dark powers, cursing people and making them fail in life, have been associated with the dead, satanic powers, and in general, has been depicted as a dark practice which only aims at harming innocent people. Contrary to these beliefs, witchcraft is not evil. It does not raise the dead, it does not sacrifice babies and animals, and followers do not fly on brooms at night. It is just a pre-Christianity religion, its followers are normal peaceful beings, it respects the rights of other people, and just like any other religion, it has its flaws.  

According to Adler, witchcraft is a pre-Christianity culture that was dominant in almost every part of the world and it is a peaceful religion that promotes harmony and oneness among people (23). It is a system of belief that is based upon the modernization of pre-Christian traditions. Witchcraft was traditionally known as “ The Craft of the Wise” since a majority of those who followed it were in harmony with forces of nature, gave council, had extensive knowledge of medicine and Herbs, and were a precious part of every society that thrived (Adler 56). Witches were known to understand that humankind is not, cannot, and will never be superior to nature, the earth, and its creatures, but instead, humankind was to be one with nature. Therefore, according to the teachings of witchcraft, humankind is simply one of the countless parts of nature, both visible and invisible that combine to complete the whole.

As a religion, it is a spiritual structure that promotes the free will and free thought of individuals, supports learning and a comprehension of the universe thus asserting the mysticism in all things that are living (Keith 54). Of most importance, nonetheless, is that witchcraft as a religion teaches people how to be responsible. Witches do not run away from their responsibilities but instead they accept their responsibilities, accept their deeds and actions, and accept their outcomes as their responsibilities. In addition, they do not try to blame supernatural powers or exteriors forces for their shortcomings, mistakes, or weaknesses. Instead, if witches mess things up or bring harm to another person, they have no one else but themselves to blame and as such, must take full responsibility for the outcomes of their actions (Adler 42). As Keith notes, in witchcraft, there is not ifs, buts, or ands and definitely no droning (17). Witches, also concede the phases of nature, the seasons, and the lunar cycles in order to appreciate their spirituality and to adore the divine. Witchcraft is a system of belief that allows a witch to work with no entreaty to divinity with the intention of promoting peaceful coexistence and striking a balance with all things in nature (Adler 78).

The spells that they cast just like any other traditional practices and religion practices involve love, living in harmony, creativity, wisdom, and healing. This is just like many other religions who call on worldly spirits and holy spirits to heal, provide wisdom, and intercede in their daily lives. The herbs and portions that they stir contrary to what we see on televisions are merely remedies for headaches, herbal flea baths for pets, and tonics for cold and so on. Witches strive to obtain knowledge of nature and to use the same knowledge to make natural remedies, which they believe, were placed in this earth by the celestial for their good, instead of using artificial drugs except when it is quite necessary. Witchcraft holds beliefs in the Spirit of One, God and Goddess subsist in all things (Adler 77). They believe there is divinity in trees, flowers, rain, seas, and in every aspect of nature and in all its creatures. Accordingly, this implies that they have a liability to treat each aspect of nature with honor, respect, and divinity. They endeavor to respect and honor life in all its visible and invisible manifestations. In their practices, Farrar and Stewart point out that witches learn from and venerate the gifts that nature has offered from the creation that is so divine by celebrating the phases and cycles of moon, sun, and cycles (56). Witches search their inner self for their own cycles that match those cycles of nature and attempt to live in accord with this Universal energy movement. The teachers of witchcraft are lakes, meadows, seas, animals, mountains and all others elements of nature that have been there before them. This serene belief constructs a veneration and deference for the environment, and all forms of life upon the face of the earth (Farrar and Stewart 64).

Those who practice witchcraft are not evil but are only normal human beings living normal lives like the rest of us but just holding a different religious belief. Witches do not raise the dead, they do not offers as sacrifices babies and animals, it is not a cult but a religion, they do not fly on brooms, they do not by force convert people to witchcraft, they do not curse people, they do not have green skins, and they do not wear black pointy hats. On the contrary, they are honorable; they do not harm or even try to seduce other people. In contrast to common believes, witches are not dangerous people but are just ordinary people like the rest of the humankind. They are normal human beings who have families they love, they fall in love, they go through the emotions that all people go through, and they work jobs, hope like others, and have their fair share of dreams as well. As the U.S. Department of the Army states note, there is great importance to differentiate a cult from a religion, and witchcraft from the definition does not fall under the category of Cults. As many other people take their religions seriously and the way they are offended when people ridicule their beliefs, witchcraft is also a serious religion which should not be ridiculed. As Adler notes, witchcraft does not consult with demons nor does it worship Satan; Satan and Demons according to witchcraft are a creation of Christians. As such, they do not have a suspicious creation of eternal damnation and ultimate evil and do not use such means to scare others into doing what they deem right (90). Adler argues that people do not have to be afraid of witches, they are people who have a sense of humor, they have emotions, and above all, they will not convert you to their religion unwillingly (63). Accordingly, the rest of the population ought to respect their religion the same way they want others to respect theirs and should not try to convert every other witch they meet to their religion. Instead, they ought to give them as much right as they have, respect them, and live peacefully with them.

As ordinary human beings, witches have had their share of unfair treatment and for this reason, they are strong supporters of religious freedom. As with many other cultures that have experienced persecution in the hands of extremists who want everyone to follow their way, such as slavery and black lynching, witches have been persecuted by their fellow brothers and sisters who try to blame them for their failures. Accordingly, they have been hanged on trees, drowned, shot, and burned alive among many other inhumane forms of maltreatments. For that reason, Witches say that they do not look at their religious believes as their only way of achieving spirituality, but as one of the numerous paths by which the same end can be achieved. Consequently, they are willing to share their own religious experiences and educated those who seek their wisdom. Above all, witchcraft practices acceptance and tolerance of all other religious factions, provided that those factions do not persecute others who are of different faith or even violate the tenant of “Harm None” (Keith 134).

Like any other religion, witchcraft has its flaws and this does not make it evil. As stated in the beginning, if a knife is wrongly used, it can cause a lot of harm, it can be used to end lives. A gun in the wrong hands can kill hundreds, but in the right hand can save and protect millions. Christianity has been used by evil men to persecute other innocent people. It has been used as away of swaying people to accept doing things that they would otherwise have avoided. Others such as slave traders and colonialists used it to path their ways into innocent territories where they perpetuated unimaginable crimes on humanity. In the modern world, churches have become like business and some are using them as their means to wealth. 






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